Understanding our footprint means evaluating if and how the infrastructure we need for our onshore and offshore exploration and production projects impact local ecosystems and biodiversity. Typical exploration and production infrastructure may include:

  • Access roads
  • Seismic lines
  • Well pads or platforms
  • Process and storage facilities
  • Pipelines

Progress on our multi-year plan includes:

Understanding Footprint ​
Identify sensitive habitats and species as part of biodiversity risk assessments for key assets 4
Develop and implement fit-for-purpose footprint reduction mitigation action plans where risks are identified 4
Collect and track biodiversity information 4
​Collaborate with industry organizations and identify best practices 3

We operate in a manner that reduces our land footprint and conserves habitat in consideration of local social, economic and environmental conditions. To protect sensitive species, we have participated in voluntary conservation agreements that protect the Lesser Prairie Chicken and the Dune Sagebrush Lizard, support bird joint ventures like the Sage Grouse Initiative and piloted and implemented biodiversity offsets in Australia and Canada