We recognize the special relationship communities have with the land, wildlife and the natural environment. Engaging on biodiversity means:

  • Respecting the unique knowledge of communities, particularly Indigenous communities, in managing their local environment and conserving biodiversity
  • Seeking to learn from stakeholders as we develop mitigation strategies for any potential environmental or socioeconomic impacts
  • Engaging in collaboration and benchmarking with industry organizations both on the regional/local and the global level
  • Supporting research and educational initiatives

Progress on our multi-year plan includes:

Engaging Externally
Support community engagement for assets with biodiversity risks 3
Participate in biodiversity policy/regulatory development process and public dialogue in regions with priority assets 3
​Monitor legislation and regulations on biodiversity management for key assets 3

Our plan includes actions with a focus on collaboration and external engagement with IPIECA and IOGP. Additionally, we participate in local and regional community and industry groups related to addressing local biodiversity risks including: