To assist Vendors in providing compliant materials and equipment to the Bayu-Undan Facilities and Darwin LNG Plant, ConocoPhillips has developed a series of Technical Delivery Terms (TDTs). These TDTs have been designed to capture the general technical requirements from the original Bayu-Undan and Darwin LNG Plant Project specifications.

Reference to specific TDTs will be included in both the Requests for Quotation (RFQs) and the subsequent Purchase Order (POs). Access to TDTs on this site has the added benefit of reducing the volume of documentation to be sent out with the both the RFQs and the POs.

TDT01 - Gaskets  
TDT02 - Austenitic Stainless Steel and Super Duplex Bolting
TDT03 - Cd and/or PTFE Coated Alloy Steel Bolting
TDT04 - Flexible Hoses
TDT05 - Relief Valves
TDT06 - Pipes, Flanges & Fittings
TDT07 - Bolting Components for Structural Applications
TDT08 - Flare Tip Spares
TDT09 - Generic Pressure and Temperature Transmitters 
TDT10 - Ball Values
TDT16 - Spring Supports
TDT17 - Hub Connectors