The accuracy of the information reflected in our report is very important to us. We have several practices in place to provide the best available data at the time of publication including:

  • Guidelines, calculation tools and training. ConocoPhillips maintains reporting procedures for our business units around the world to calculate and report environmental incidents, releases and emissions. Business units are accountable for data completeness and accuracy, and for consistency with our accepted reporting practices.
  • Internal reviews. A business-level data submission, review and approval process is practiced annually to promote accountability for the results and to ensure the best possible data quality.
  • Assurance. In 2017, ConocoPhillips conducted required and voluntary independent emissions verification work in three areas:
    • Reasonable and limited assurance in countries having a regulatory requirement to verify reported emissions, including the UK, Australia, Canada and Norway,
    • Voluntary limited assurance review of select corporate-level metrics, including reported overall Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 greenhouse gas volumes.
    • Voluntary third-party review of asset-level methods used to report HSE data to the company's corporate HSE metrics database.
  • Internal corporate audits. The corporate HSE function reviews HSE data for completeness and accuracy. Corporate HSE auditors have reviewed 2010 – 2016 metrics and data collection processes.

2017 limited assurance statement